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Study Aids for Law Students

Library resources for law students to help prepare for class and exams.


The Library has a lot of different print and online resources to help law students understand class topics and prepare for final exams. This guide walks you through a few of them.

IMPORTANT: these study guides and outlines can supplement your own outlines and case briefs, but they are NOT a replacement for wrestling with the material yourself. 

  • Always follow your professor's instructions for how to succeed in a class. 
  • Pay attention to what works for your own learning style—do you understand and remember best when you study a flow chart? highlighted text? bullet points?—and use that.

Study Aids Part 1: What are They? (Gallagher Basics series) (2:31)

For more about West Academic Study Aids, see the company's video, Study Aids Collection Student Guide (20:00)

Past Exams

It's often helpful to work through past exams to prepare for the real thing. The law library maintains an archive of exams that UW Law faculty give us to post. Our guide also links to exams from other law schools. See Law School Exams.