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Law in the Time of COVID-19


coronavirus image from CDCThis guide collects resources to support Law in the Time of COVID-19 (LAW B599, a special topics class offered Spring 2020) and to inform anyone interested in the wide array of legal issues related to the pandemic.

The course will include some panel discussions that will be webcast publicly, Thursdays 12:20-1:20. See The Course, below. We'll post links when they're available.


Graphic: coronavirus, from CDC's Public Health Image Library.


Because of limitations on visiting libraries in person, the guide emphasizes resources that are available online. Some resources are limited to UW users. Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw are licensed only for the UW Law community.

Many online publications limit the number of free views before you hit a paywall.

  • UW users can often find these publications in subscription databases. Check the list of e-journals.
  • Because of the importance of the crisis, some publications are making their coronavirus coverage free, despite their regular paywall policies. See below for examples.
  • Readers who do not have access to UW Libraries resources should check their local public libraries. For example, the Seattle Public Library offers online access to a wide range of magazines and newspapers.