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Where Will Your Legal Education Take You?


This guide is meant to introduce current and future law students to legal careers (or legal adjacent careers) that they may not have previously considered. In this guide, you will find 32 potential career paths that explain what type of work that professional does and provides suggested resources to explore the career path at length. Some sections will also recommend specific courses, law programs, or clinics specializing in that area of law. Additionally, many sections will highlight UW law faculty who have done work in these various legal areas. For more information or if you need to discuss your legal career path please visit UW Law's Center for Career Development Resource Center.


You've already heard of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, now get ready for the law school version! 

Take this quiz to find out which career path you should consider after graduating from law school. It should take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete, and, like the Sorting Hat, if you don't like your results you can always take the quiz again and try to wind up with something else. Each career also has a LEGO figure to serve as your practice area's mascot. You may find more detailed information on this guide, so be sure to return to this page after taking the quiz to research more about different career opportunities.

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Resources About Careers & the Legal Profession

UW Guides About Careers

These UW Libraries guides are not tailored to law, but could be useful, especially if you're thinking outside law yourself.

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