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Law-Related Blogs in Washington State


This guide lists law-related blogs in Washington State.

Why do lawyers blog?

  • To share information
  • To express opinions
  • To establish their expertise
  • To market their practices

Why might you read blogs?

  • To learn about new developments
  • To get ideas for your own practice
  • To learn about different practice areas
  • To get to know the lawyers and firms who blog

Blogs offer perspectives that you won't see in bar journals or law reviews--e.g., a trial lawyer's reflections on voir dire, a criminal defense attorney's reaction to a new Supreme Court case, an international trade lawyer's thoughts on working with Chinese businesses. Sometimes you'll even see something not particularly law-related, like a picture of the blogger's dog. Blogs have different personalities (as do the bloggers): sample a few to find ones that interest you.

The guide was created in June 2017 and is updated from time to time.

To be listed, a blog must have at least one regular contributor from Washington State.

If you have a blog you'd like listed, send a note to

Finding Blogs by Topic


Blogs are listed in alphabetical order. Use ctrl-f to search for words--e.g., "immigration" or "Tacoma."


To assist skimmers, most blogs are marked with icons to indicate their general topics.

business graph business, banking, tax, employment, franchising, bankruptcy
house graphic construction, land use, real estate
police car criminal law, law enforcement

environmental and natural resources law

burger, beer, and brownie food, beverage, and cannabis law
globe graphic foreign or international law
lightbulb graphic intellectual property and technology
legal pad with pen law practice, law office management                                                                                         
gavel and paper with black lines litigation, courts, personal injury, insurance law

ship in a storm

maritime law
multi-topic, not otherwise classified

graphics by Mary Whisner and Taylor Halverson


Our first list was posted in early 2008. Since then, new blogs have sprung up and old blogs have changed name, moved to new sites, or gone out of existence. We've updated the guide from time to time, but many blogs stayed on the list even though no one was writing new posts. The only way to find out if a blog was active was to click through and look.

This list includes only blogs with at least one post in the six months before listing. A date at the end of an entry—e.g., [7/29/21]—indicates the last time we checked. Over time, we'll add new blogs and delete blogs when we find out that links no longer work. Different dates will show up.

We generally won't take the time to check all the blogs in the list, but when we do check an entry, we'll change the date.

Our goal is to list only active blogs.

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