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Law Library Student Services

Information for UW Law students about the services we offer.

Get Help from the Library

The Library is here to help you! We are dedicated to supporting UW Law students with all of their scholarly and educational pursuits. Please contact us regarding any of the services we offer. We are available via chat, email, Zoom, and phone (as outlined below) during the following times:

Click on the chat logo on this page or here to connect with a law librarian!
Email us at
Zoom with us using the monitor at the Information Desk in the Library!
Call us! 206-543-6794
Schedule a one-on-one or group consultation with a law librarian using the "Schedule Appointment" button below

Database Registration and Access

As a UW Law student, you have access to many specialized databases from our library. Some of these databases, such as Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg Law and CALI, require you to register with an individual account to access them. UW Law students can find information about registering for their individual accounts to these databases here:

Information about accessing the password-restricted page linked above and about database registration will be provided on the Orientation Canvas pages under "Database Registration."

If you are unable to access the Canvas pages for Orientation materials or experience other registration issues, please get back in touch with us at

For additional registration guidance, check out our Registering for and Using Legal Databases page on our guide, Gallagher Basics: Welcome to Law School! 

Research Guides

Research guides are librarian-curated compilations of resources related to a particular topic or area of law. Beginning a research project by finding a relevant research guide can save you time when figuring out first steps. The Law Library has a robust collection of research guides intended to help you with your research on topics ranging from Washington State legislative history research to immigration law. While these are a good starting point, remember that you can always contact us for help finding and navigating resources! You can find a full listing of our guides here:

A few of our most popular guides include:

Virtual Suggestion Box

Our virtual suggestion box below provides an opportunity for all law students to share questions, comments, suggestions, and/or concerns about the Law Library with anonymity.