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Index to UW School of Law Indian Law Symposia & Conferences, 1987-2014

Indexes annual conferences by case, law, presenter name, subject, and tribe


The University of Washington School of Law sponsors an annual Indian Law symposium each September. In 2003 and 2004, Eastern Washington Law Conferences were held but were then discontinued.

The purpose of these events is to bring together experts to present and discuss current issues in the field of Indian Law. The programs are designed to benefit attorneys who have Indian clients or whose clients deal with Indians or tribal governments, as well as for those who have a strong interest in the current issues of Indian Law.

Index Options

Presentations given at the symposia (1987 to date) and conferences (2003 and 2004) are indexed several ways:

  • detailed subject headings, borrowed from the Current Index to Legal Periodicals
  • presenters
  • statutes
  • cases
  • These indexes have been compiled to provide easy access to the topics that have been covered. Indexing is based on the published CLE materials that participants received and which are available at at the Gallagher Law Library.

    Materials from the Indian Law symposia are found in the Classified Stacks at KF8224.C6W47 and from the Eastern Washington Indian Law Conference at KFW505.A75E58.

    For information about upcoming CLEs generally, visit the UW School of Law's Continuing Legal Education website.

    For information on Indian law research in Washington, see the Gallagher guide on Indian and Tribal Law and Penny Hazelton's chapter of the Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook 3d.

Key to Conference Year & Number

Year Symposium Conference Year Symposium Conference
1987 1st   2004 17th 2d
1988 2d   2005 18th  
1989 3d   2006 19th  
1990 4th   2007 20th  
1991 5th   2008 21st  
1992 6th   2009 22d  
1993 7th   2010 23d  
1994 8th   2011 24th  
1995 (not held   2012 25th  
1996 9th   2013 26th  
1997 10th   2014 27th  
1998 11th   2015 28th  
1999 12th   2016 29th  
2000 13th        
2001 14th        
2002 15th        
2003 16th 1st