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Court Briefs & Oral Arguments

Identifies print and online sources, free and commercial, for briefs and oral arguments

Free Online Sources

Commercial Online Sources

In the Gallagher Law Library

The Law Library's collection of Washington Supreme Court briefs includes paper and microfiche.

The paper briefs are arranged by docket number and the microfiche briefs are arranged by Washington Reports citation. Docket numbers are assigned by the Court when a case is filed. A case's docket number is shown on the first page of the written opinion.


Docket Nos. or Citation




1872 - 1889 (1)



KFW45.9 L872
Special Collections


1889 - 1988

1 to 55432


Compact Stacks

docket number

1985 – 2003 (2)

110 Wn.2d 1 to
149 Wn.2d 914


KFW45.9 W35
Reference Area

docket number

2002 - 2009

70233 – 83283 (3)


Compact Stacks

docket number

(1) Briefs from the Washington Territorial Court. Please fill out a Retrieval Request at the Information Desk.

(2) Briefs from attorney disciplinary cases are omitted.

(3) Scattered cases; very incomplete.

Other places to find Washington Supreme Court Briefs