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Law Library Student Services

Information for UW Law students about the services we offer.

Fall Quarter Course Reserve Textbooks


The library collects copies of most books required by School of Law courses.

Where to Find Course Reserve
  • These items are housed on the lower shelves in the Reference Area past the Information Desk. 
  • Books are arranged in call number order.
  • Please use the self-checkout station to borrow course reserve items for up to four hours.
Can't find your textbook?
  • It might be an eBook!
  • Use the library catalog to find your course textbook by typing the title or author's name.
    • Once you've located the item, you can view the book's current availability for checkout or when it is expected to be due back.
  • If you still cannot locate your required textbook, please see the staff at the Information Desk or contact us at


  • 4 Hour Checkout 
    • Must use Self-Check machines to check books out and return them

    • Including nights and weekends

  • Cannot renew or place holds
  • Must wait 30 minutes before checking out the same textbook.  
    • This gives other waiting students the opportunity to use the text.

      • Remember to re-shelve the textbook (by call number) when you return it

  • Access only for current enrolled UW Law Students

Checking Out & Returning

  • Use the self-checkout kiosk at the course reserve shelves or the one at the Information Desk to check out your reserve item.
Checking-In / Returns
  • When you are finished with your checkout, please check your item back in to make sure you do not get fined.
  • Re-shelve the Course Reserve book that you just checked back in on the same shelves where you found it.

Photo of self-checkout machine for checking books out or returning them


1-10 hours overdue: $2.50/hr

11 hours overdue: Over $200 in fines

  • $55 Non-refundable fines
    • Automatically added to user account
  • PLUS $150-$300*
    • Item replacement fee
    • *Refundable if book is returned 

Paying Your Fines

  • You can only pay your fines online. 
  • Failure to pay your fines will result in your library account getting blocked.